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Bar Exam Tutoring: Are you ready to pass?

I work with you one-on-one and customize the program to fit your strengths and weaknesses — and your schedule! The private tutoring sessions take the form of a stimulating dialogue — together we solidify your understanding of the material and increase your test-taking skills and confidence. No sleep-inducing lectures, no sardine-packed classes, no nonsense.

How it Works / When to Start

First off, call me now, regardless of how distant the bar exam seems. Together we’ll devise the best strategy for achieving your goals. After a short conversation, you’ll feel a lot better about the next several months of your life — you’ll discover that studying for the bar exam doesn’t have to suck! (You can take that trip to Florida after all. You can even remain on the soccer team, and continue your bagpipe lessons.) I help my students get better results by studying less.

Our sessions will begin about 3 months prior to the exam. (This is the most common time frame, but I work with many students for longer or shorter periods.) This will allow us to cycle through all of the Multistate subjects several times. Initially, we’ll emphasize a broad understanding of each subject. With each successive pass, we’ll pay increasing attention to detail. At the end of our work, you’ll see the underlying logic of each Multistate subject, how each piece fits into the whole — rather than just being able to regurgitate thousands of disconnected bits of legal minutiae. In short, you’ll be a bonafide smarty-pants.

Rates / Packages

Intensive Program
28 90-minute, private sessions.
Basic Program
14 90-minute, private sessions.
Sessions à-la-carte
The cost for each 90-minute, private session is $595.

Note I take on a limited number of students for each exam. A 50% deposit reserves your space, with the balance due midway in the program. All checks or money orders should be made out to Rich Klarman. All rates are subject to change.

Student Testimonials

(Voicemail message) “Unbelievable! I passed the bar exam! You’re my very best friend! Thank you for saving my life! This was the best experience ever!”

Amy Chayet-Shapiro, Esq.

“Rich Klarman is no mere whiz kid — he is a man of heart and compassion, who just happens to have an encyclopedic knowledge of torts, contracts, evidence, criminal law, property, and constitutional law. Thank you for helping to change the view I have of myself. I am no longer Mimi-the-poor-test-taker, but am now, and forever will be, Mimi-MULTISTATED-Kalish!”

Mimi Kalish, Esq.
MBE score improvement: 26 points

“I passed the bar exam! Incredibly relieved and very thankful. I wanted to write and reiterate how grateful I am for ALL of your help. So many of my accomplishments would not have come about without your tutoring, support, and knowledge of the law. Whether it was tackling 1L year and getting the grades to transfer to a better school or studying for the bar, you have been there every step of the way to keep me on track, teach me the right methods, pump me up when I felt defeated, and explain everything to me. My family and I are beyond grateful and we thank you for all the time and help you have invested in making me a success.”

Emily Caton, Esq.

“I had an almost impossible job to do: studying for the New York bar, while working full-time as a patent agent at a large NYC law firm and balancing family obligations. Although I started to attend a commercial bar review course, it just didn‘t seem worth my time. Rich immediately understood my situation and focused our review to target what he termed the ‘big ticket items.’ Well, to cut to the chase, I passed.
     “I just want to say that Rich has an amazing knowledge and feel for the law. He was able to distill the essence of each MBE subject in just a few hours, something conventional bar review courses are not able to do. And he was a tremendous source of encouragement during those times when my confidence flagged. I would recommend Rich Klarman as a tutor for anyone who absolutely needs to crush the MBE — and do it really fast!”

Ilona Gont, Esq.
First-time bar passer

(Voicemail message) “I passed! I feel absolutely fantastic that I don’t have to endure the Kentucky Bar Exam yet again! I really appreciate all your help, and I don’t think I could have done it by myself. I really don’t. Even after Bar/Bri and PMBR, I still didn’t know what material was important and how to prepare for the exam. I will always be thankful to you for enlightening me.”

Judy Horn Ross, Esq.
Note: Judy drove from Louisville, Kentucky to Ann Arbor (350 miles each way) for our twice-weekly tutoring sessions.

“After two failures, I finally PASSED THE NEW YORK BAR EXAM. Also, my MBE score is now far above what I need to waive into DC (133) or sit for just the local day in Illinois (140).
     “I definitely credit your tutoring with my HUGE IMPROVEMENT. I feel confident and delighted now that I’ve safely sailed way over what I needed to pass this time around. Which opens up some really great — and really unforeseen — career options. And for that I am VERY grateful. So thanks, thanks and THANKS again!”

Corey F., Esq.
MBE score improvement: 26.6 points

“Statute of Frauds. Hearsay Exceptions. Mens Rea. Mortgages. All these torturous subjects, plus many more, became so much clearer during my lessons with Rich. He diagnosed my hang-ups, foibles, and misconceptions. With his help, I was able to actively engage with the material instead of just reading and re-reading the same old outlines. Thanks to Rich, I'm finally an attorney. He is a brilliant tutor!”

Graham Filler, Esq.
MBE score improvement: 16 points

“Working with Rich can only be described as a ‘cerebral boot camp.’ He took me seriously and forced me to refine my knowledge of law into a set of tools for passing the bar exam. The confidence I gained put me at ease and allowed me to regard the bar exam as a hill to be taken, not as a daunting mountain.”

Tim Donovan, Esq.
First-time bar passer

“I passed! I got lots of 9s and 10s on the Multistate-subject essays, and I am positive that these were due to your killer tutoring. Without your program’s structure, continuity, and emphasis on understanding the ‘big picture,’ my results wouldn’t have been nearly as good. I can’t begin to tell you how many times, during the two-day exam, I drew upon conversations we’d had in the preceding weeks — it was AWESOME!!!”

Tish Murphy, Esq.
MBE score improvement: 26 points

“I thought I did everything right when I studied for my first bar exam. I took BARBRI and Kaplan PMBR, read all the outlines, and answered all the practice questions. So I was really devastated when I learned that I had failed. I felt like my life was over and I didn’t know what to do.
     “Then I called Rich. After just a few tutoring sessions, the material finally started to make sense and I actually understood the subject matter for the first time ever. He explained things in a way that conventional bar prep classes didn’t. He customized every session for me so we could spend as much time as I needed on issues I didn’t understand.
     “The day I found out that I’d passed the second exam was the best day of my life. Not only did my MBE score improve by 14 points, but my essay score went up 13 points too! I feel like a house has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally move on with my life.
     “I know that Rich is the only reason I passed the bar. While I was taking the second bar exam, I could literally hear his voice in my head and I remembered everything we talked about. Were it not for his techniques and explanations, I would be studying for my third bar exam right now. Instead, I’m planning my swearing-in ceremony. Rich saved my life and he is by far the greatest teacher I ever had. I would certainly recommend Rich to anyone who wants to pass the bar!”

Irina Jacobs, Esq.
MBE score improvement: 14 points

“When I discovered that I had failed the bar exam a second time, I was heartbroken. I had taken PMBR and had reviewed 3,000 Multistate questions, but my MBE score was still only 120. Then I called Rich. Within a few weeks of working with him, I became comfortable with the MBE material, and my confidence began to soar. Subjects that were previously difficult no longer posed problems. On the morning of the Multistate, I was calm and prepared to do battle because of Rich.”

Michele Allen, Esq.
MBE score improvement: 20 points

“Dear Rich, There are few brilliant minds — and of those most can’t teach. I think you are the exception.”

Lisa Johnson, Esq.

“I had heard all the negative statistics about the bar pass rate for minority first-time takers. Despite this, your test-taking techniques and positive mental attitude helped me to think like a lawyer and gave me the confidence I needed to pass the exam with flying colors! Keep up the good work.”

Cheryl Blanton-DeBold, Esq.
First-time bar passer

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Rich Klarman: Perfect 180 LSAT. JD, University of Michigan Law School (magna cum laude, 3.85 GPA, Order of the Coif, Michigan Law Review). Licensed attorney. 30+ years of tutoring experience.

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