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LSAT Tutoring: Score higher.

The LSAT plays a huge role in the law school admissions process: the better you do, the more options you have. It’s as simple as that. I scored a perfect 180 on the LSAT and can help you maximize your score.

I work with you one-on-one and customize the program to fit your strengths and weaknesses — and your schedule! The private tutoring sessions take the form of a stimulating dialogue — together we solidify your understanding of the material and increase your test-taking skills and confidence. No sleep-inducing lectures, no sardine-packed classes, no nonsense.

If you’re considering taking the LSAT anytime within the next year, get in touch with me now. Together, we’ll devise the best strategy for achieving your goals. You can pick my brain about choosing your test date and get information about valuable self-study techniques (including what to avoid like the plague!). Let me put it this way, you’ll suffer a lot less than if you’d waited until the last minute to call me.

Rates / Packages

Intensive Program
Twelve 90-minute, private sessions.
Basic Program
Seven 90-minute, private sessions.
Sessions à-la-carte
In addition, if I believe a student can benefit from fewer than 7 sessions, I will agree to work on a session-by-session basis. The cost for each 90-minute, private session is $550.

Note I take on a limited number of students for each exam. A 50% deposit reserves your space, with the balance due at the first session. All checks or money orders should be made out to Rich Klarman. All rates are subject to change.

Test / Registration Dates

The LSAT will continue to be administered in an online, live remote-proctored format for the foreseeable future.

The registration deadline for each LSAT administration tends to be 6-ish weeks prior to the test date. I admit, that’s a pretty vague formulation. Suffice it to say, if it’s several months before the test date, you’re cool. But if the test date is drawing close, or you’re the kind of person who just likes to know stuff, then check out LSAC’s LSAT Dates & Deadlines page.

Really, though, you should register as soon as you know when you plan to take the test. Why wait? Test centers fill up, mail gets lost, your phone dies, etc. Take care of it.

Student Testimonials

“Hi Rich — I just got my LSAT score last night — 179! Thanks for all your help — it definitely paid off.”

Jonathan Browalski / Harvard Law School
LSAT score improvement: 13 points

“After two lessons with Klarman, I stopped going to Kaplan and never looked back. Without Klarman, I wouldn’t have been accepted by Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, and Michigan.”

Jon Kulish / University of Michigan Law School
LSAT score improvement: 11 points

“After completing the Kaplan course, I took the LSAT and scored abysmally. Naturally, I felt pretty beaten up and depressed.
     “Then I met Rich. After just a couple sessions, I had my confidence back and a personalized study plan. Rich showed me completely new ways to attack every section on the LSAT. Using his methods, I dramatically improved my test-taking and reasoning skills. And guess what? My score shot up 15 points in under a month, and I was accepted by my law school of choice.
     “I would definitely recommend TestGuru for anyone who wants to nail the LSAT. I’ll make it simple: if you have the will, Rich has the way! Rich, you are an awesome teacher! Thank you so much!”

Brooke Lites / University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
LSAT score improvement: 15 points

“I just wanted to thank you again for everything. You were a pleasure to learn with and the benefits were even more than I could have asked for. I am proud to say that it all paid off. I got into Fordham! It’s been a few weeks since I found out, but the excitement hasn’t even begun to fade. I never could have done this without your help. Thank you! Please send my best to Myra and Max.”

Michael Goldberg / Fordham Law School + NYU Law
LSAT score improvement: 8 points
Note: Michael transferred to New York University School of Law at the start of his 2L year.

“I’m really glad I called Rich. He helped me build confidence in my test-taking skills and achieve a much higher score than I thought possible. Ultimately, I was accepted by my first-choice school and can’t imagine being happier anywhere else. Thanks Rich. You’re the man.”

Joanna Belkin / Northeastern University School of Law
LSAT score improvement: 8 points

“I got a 177 on my LSAT!!! And I think I’ve got a shot at every school I’m applying to. Also, I got the games section and BOTH logical reasoning sections absolutely perfect. Yes, 100% perfect. As in, I didn’t miss a single question.
     “And I have you to thank for that. Once you showed me how to attack the problems, the right answers just jumped off the page. I couldn’t have been any better prepared if my life had depended on it (which I guess it kind of did, but anyway...). Basically, thanks for everything, and when I start studying for the bar exam, I know who I’m calling!”

Clare Selden / Harvard Law School
LSAT score improvement: 12 points

“Until I left Kaplan and started working with Klarman, I was clueless. Rich forced me to attack my weaknesses with intelligence and discipline. His amiable demeanor made me feel comfortable and confident, the intangibles that allowed me to flourish on test day.”

Ari Shwedel / Cardozo Law School
LSAT score improvement: 9 points

“I got a 169!!! I couldn’t have done it without you giving me the tools and the confidence to succeed. Thank you, Rich!”

Luke Pasch / University of Michigan (LSA)
LSAT score improvement: 16 points

(Voicemail message) “I’m on cloud 9! I got into Michigan! Yes, I did. I’m just so ecstatic, it’s incredible. I don’t even know what’s going on. I’m totally excited and really thrilled, and so happy to have stumbled across your help at that Eastern Michigan University law thing. I mean, talk about chaos theory at work, man. This is just awesome. You can chalk this up as another one of your pupils getting into their dream school. Thanks Rich!”

Rachel Fanta / University of Michigan Law School
LSAT score improvement: 7 points

If you’re considering taking the LSAT anytime within the next year, get in touch with me now.

Call: +1 734-996-2861

Text: +1 734-996-2861


Sessions available:

  • In-Person (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Phone/Skype (worldwide)
Rich Klarman: Perfect 180 LSAT. JD, University of Michigan Law School (magna cum laude, 3.85 GPA, Order of the Coif, Michigan Law Review). Licensed attorney. 30+ years of tutoring experience.